Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson

Scenic Design

This production transformed the Claire Trevor Theatre into an abandoned warehouse taken over by political activists as a space for a political performance. The junk from around the warehouse transformed into props and furniture, and a do-it-yourself aesthetic was present throughout the production. Inspiration was taken from many different political eras and movements, including Occupy Wall Street.

Above: Early inspiration/research.

Right: Structure notes. This document allowed me to quickly see the overall action of the show and understand how the moments should flow together. It's an exercise I like to do very early in the design process so that I have it as a tool to reference throughout a production.

This rendering was developed in Vectorworks in the early portion of the design process. With a digital workflow I could efficiently explore a wide array of design options and quickly communicate ideas to the design team as we worked. Over 75 versions of the rendering were created during this stage of the process, after which I moved on to a physical model to continue refining details and working in a more hands-on approach with the director.

1/2" = 1'-0" scale analog model

Paint Elevation Example

Paint Elevation Example


Inspired by Shepard Fairey's HOPE poster for Obama's campaign, I designed this rally sign with the face of actor Connor Bond (our Andrew Jackson).

produced by University of California Irvine, 2013
directed by Myrona Delaney
lighting design Kristin Neu
costume design Kaitlyn Kaufman
sound design Matt Glenn