Paint elevations for Pasadena Playhouse's production of Kiss Me, Kate. Scenic design by John Iacovelli.


Dragon mask and concept sketch.

Hand-carved leather painted with acrylics and a supershene finish.

Spider headdress with operable legs – watercolor paper, staples, spraypaint, and latex paint.


The text in the background of the poster for An Ending for Fin is actual text from the script, which follows a playwright’s journey through his father’s terminal illness. Discussions with the actual playwright (whose real life experiences inspired the story) revealed the importance of the setting – the lake at the family cabin – where many heart-to-heart discussions with his father took place.


Other selected posters  click to enlarge

Fake pancakes for a production of Nickel & Dimed. Made with Great Stuff and Gorilla Glue.




Repair and stylization of a mannequin as a sculpture for a production of What the Butler Saw.