Immediate Family

Bid drafting for John Iacovelli's scenic design of Immediate Family at the Mark Taper Forum. Created in Vectorworks.


Scenic Design

Based on the Virginia Woolf novel of the same name, Sarah Ruhl's Orlando examines identity, time, and gender by following an English nobleman who lives for hundreds of years before falling asleep and waking up as a woman.

This production took place entirely on the stage of the Claire Trevor Theatre, normally a 287-seat proscenium space. Placing the audience on stage allowed us to create a deep yet intimate environment for this quirky play.

Working within a very limited budget, all of the moulding in the show was created out of cardboard. Each piece was modeled in Vectorworks, sliced into profiles in 123D Make, then cut out on a lasercutter and assembled. It was an extremely inexpensive solution which achieved the volume needed for the (abstracted) period moulding.

directed by Annie Loui
lighting design Dan Schreckengost
costume design Kaitlyn Kaufman
sound design Matt Glenn
stage manager Ashley Nichole Henley
additional photography Tim Vo

Brilliant Traces

Scenic Design

Brilliant Traces is a play about a woman who finds herself at the doorstep of a reclusive young man in the middle of the Alaskan Wilderness, just days after she was supposed to be married. The text is an intimate examination of the human spirit, and this production was set in an equally intimate venue, with only 200 sq. ft. of playing space.

Scenic Design Sketch/Rendering  - Vectorworks & Photoshop

Scenic Design Sketch/Rendering  - Vectorworks & Photoshop

produced by 2Cents Theatre Group
directed by Kristen Boulé
lighting design Matt Richter
costume design Michael Mullen

Conceptual Analog Models


The Clay Cart. 1/4" = 1'-0" scale model.


La Boheme (Act I). 1/8" =  1'-0" model.


Copenhagen. 1/8" = 1'-0" model.



Endgame by Samuel Beckett. Conceptual Vectorworks rendering.